Film Review - Grampa's Monster Movies

Hosted by Grampa Munster (Al Lewis), Igor the bat (Keith Williams) | Directed by Peter Zasuly | Passport Video DVD FF Not Rated 2004 60min

Review By Xmortis

Grandpa Munster (Billed as Grampa) hosts this VHS tape transferred to DVD compilation of horror trailers. The set is an old gothic graveyard, and Grandpa Munster and his trusty bat Igor do little comedy skits in between blocks of Universal horror trailers that include Dracula, Frankenstein, Invisible Man, The Phantom of the Opera, The Mummy, Wolfman and several others. At the end Grampa and Igor thank the viewer for stopping by and celebrating some of horror's classic characters.

The first thing that should be said about this fun little throw back is that it looks like it was shot at a public access studio with the graveyard super imposed over a green screen. The trailers, all Universal and Screen Gem features, look like they were lifted from old GOODTIMES VIDEO VHS's that were sold at K-Mart after they sat in the stock room under a sunny window which made the quality drop by 75%. Yeah, some of them are that bad and shaky! I am not sure why they call him "Grampa" and not "Grandpa" in this DVD. I would guess that it has to do with rights issues. The reason I think I like this little quick trailer compilation is because it reminded me of my childhood watching TBS on Saturday afternoons and tuning into "Super Scary Saturday" where Al Lewis portrayed Grandpa Munster and showed classic B-Movies like "King Kong Vs Godzilla." Sometimes you would even have special guest from WCW wrestling that would co-host the show with Grandpa, great stuff.

This is a barebones DVD with chapter selections being all you get and actually that's pretty standard and not a real extra. The full frame print is pretty bad with poor picture and sound quality. The DVD cover is pretty cool with a laughing picture of Al and some great paintings of the classic monsters.

This is a DVD that I would say makes a great background piece at a Halloween party and was a fun watch. It was great to kick back and remember a great actor like Al Lewis doing what he did best -- being a Ham and having fun with a classic TV character he once portrayed.