Film Review - Grindhouse Massacre

Starring - Jessika Gosen, Dan Zawacki, Mark Aldrich, Cassie Brown, Jessica Lover, Dusty Austen, Mark Cray | Directed by Dustin Austen | Rottwieler DVD WS Unrated 85min 2007

Review By Xmortis

Virgina was a popular horror actress that was a rising star until she walked off the set of a film and refused to do a tasteless nude scene, marking her as a washed up has been and forcing her to be a late night horror hostess and amateur film maker. Virgina's manager James is displeased with her when she keeps turning down roles that have too much nudity. Her current films are flopping, and after a quick argument the two split ways. Across town strip club owner, smut film producer and all around asshole Setesh is working on making a terrible impact on Virgina's fading career. Her life gets even more screwed up when her movie distributor Michael is thinking about pulling the plug on their deal. She then makes a deal that has her rocking his world to help move her terrible movies. When she gets home her friends who play in a rock band are there and tell her she should kill Michael and video tape it and sale the snuff video to become popular! When he gets there, she does just that in a horrific death scene that involves a burned off penis and being sawed up for disposal. Setesh meanwhile has lost some of his dancers to Virgina's video company. Virgina is now finding her victims through a fake audition and is targeting wannabe b-queen actresses who have made a living at doing cheap soft-core horror films and murdering them on film to use in her new features. Meanwhile Setesh is bullying Fritz, his screenwriter, into writing a better script for their next production. Virgina once more comes calling and kills Fritz with his own typewriter! Setesh's brother meanwhile is going to jail for having sex with a minor and that adds more frustration to the man in charge. Meanwhile Virgina takes another would be actress' life and with this one she makes her eat her own face. She also gets a director who makes smut for her enemy. Finally Virgina comes calling for Setesh and in the end the two have a fight that only one of them lives through unharmed! Which one, you ask. Well check out this film and find out!

This is a great throw back film from Wooster, Ohio director Dustin Austen that would have been an amazing watch with classic 70 horror and sleaze films in a grindhouse double feature drive-in on a Saturday night. The film's plot is pretty sweet, and I like the idea of a B-Queen horror hostess going ape shit and making snuff films to make herself relevant in the horror world. Actress Jessika Gosen does a great job of playing that part and can switch from loveable film lover to psycho crazy murdering bitch with the flick of a switch, and looks good doing it. The rest of the cast do a great job. Some of them come off a little goofy, but I think that it adds to the film's charm when an actress comes of as a ditz delivering her lines. But all the girls in the film are good looking, and there is something for everyone in types of girls. Dustin Austen's directing style is that of a true director of the genre he loves and almost seems like he was born in the wrong era. If you ask me if he was making films in the 70's, he would be a household name among cult film fans. Dustin's editing style with this one is very wild and in some places fast paced and almost schizophrenic with its inserts of other scenes from fake films. The gore effects are amazing and for an independent low budget film could rival most big studios direct to DVD features. This is a great film with real heart and soon to be a cult favorite flick.

The DVD's extras include a still gallery, a music section, and a look at the true story of Grindhouse Massacre that would not work on my copy.

If you're looking for a late night watch to go along with your midnight movie marathons this independent film would make a great addition to that event. If you like classic grindhouse horror and sleaze films, this is a film you should really check out and enjoy. I say it's worth a buy for sure, and I for one look forward to more films from the rising star of Grindhouse cinema Dustin Austin.

I should say that Dustin also made this whole movie that is about smut with out making his actresses show skin and yet most still come off sexy!