Film Review - Police Academy 2: Their First Mission

Starring - Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, David Graf, George Gaynes, Michael Winslow | Directed by Jerry Paris | WB DVD WS PG-13 87min 1985

Review By Xmortis

Here's round two of our look at the Police Academy series. Now let's see if this sequel is as good as the original!

The city is a dangerous place, and crime is running wild as a gang lead by Zed is ruling the streets. Police Precinct 16 is doing all they can, but they are out manned and out classed. Capt. Lassard calls on his brother Cmdt. Lassard to help make his streets safe. Cmdt. Lassard calls on Mahoney, Tackleberry, Hooks, Hightower, Jones and Fackler to help out. But Lt. Mauser wants them to fail so that he can take over the role of Captain and make changes to the force. Mahoney and crew are paired up with veteran cops all of whom are losers besides Sgt. Kirkland, a female cop who Tackleberry falls in love with. Sweetchuck is a man who owns a lamp shop and is being robbed and bullied by Zed's gang, but when things go bad Mahoney and crew come off looking silly. Mauser spends his days trying to make Lassard fail and torturing Mahoney, all the while Zed and his gang are making the streets more and more unsafe. The cops have a street fair, and Zed and crew crash it making the cops look bad in front of the whole neighborhood. Mauser becomes Captain and suspends Mahoney for pulling a prank. Mahoney goes undercover and meets Zed and finds the gang hideout, but when he is discovered he and Zed have a knife fight as the boys in blue show up and bust the gang! Lassard becomes Captain again, Mahoney is back on the force, Mauser is a joke and Tackleberry gets married to Kirkland and all ends well.

This sequel came out a year after the first film, and althought it's good, it does lack the charm of the original. The plot has Mahoney and crew going to a precinct that is located in a part of town that is being over taken by a gang led by a punk named Zed. The subplots are Mauser trying to become Captain, and Tackleberry and Kirkland's love affair and marriage. Steve Guttenberg is back as Mahoney, and this time while still a smart ass, he is more about his police work and doing the right thing for his city and Captain, making the character even more likable then before. David Graf as Tackleberry is still that crazy character but not used to his full nut job potential and is more of a side character who is in love with someone as crazy as himself. The same backburner is where Bubba Smith as Hightower is as well. This time around we have two main bad guys: the asshole Mauser played by Art Metrano who is out for himself to be the Captain, and Zed the gang leader played by the one and only Bobcat Goldthwait. Neither is as good at being bad as Harris in the first film but they do okay. Overall the cast once again do okay with what they are given in this silly film that really turns the notch up on gross humor and slapstick. The film's highlight is when Jones played by Michael Winslow kung-fu fights some street punks who are robbing a vender. It's funny, cheesy stuff as he makes his own sound effects. The major downside is that Thompson, played by Kim Cattrall is not seen nor even spoken about in this film. For being Mahoney's love interest in the first film, she sure is dropped like a sac of potatoes. The humor, like in the first film, has some scenes that hold up and others just come off silly and dated which is to be expected. Overall this is a nice follow up to the first film and makes for a good watch. I say it's worth a watch and cheap buy.

The DVD's extras include a look back at the making of the film and the original trailer. It's nothing too special but over all nice. As before, the cover art is great 80's style that is sure to please those who want it for nostalgic reasons.

Second time around, Mahoney and his crew have only lost a little of the edge and that makes for a good fun sequel that's filled with street gangs, The Blue Oyster, backstabbing and humor.

Up next is part three with Police Academy 3: Back in Training where Mahoney and the crew go back to where it started so let's see if this keeps the series from going down hill!