Film Review – The Ugly

Starring – Paolo Rotondo, Rebecca Hobbs, Roy Ward/ Directed by Scott Reynolds/ Lions Gate DVD FF R 93min

Review By Xmortis

This film is about Simon Cartwright, a psycho killer who’s in an insane asylum for multiple counts of brutal murder. It’s time for him to be evaluated to see if he has been rehabilitated and is fit to be released into society.

Karen Schumaker is a top rated doctor who has gotten other high profile killers off the hook. The staff at the asylum dislikes Simon. They know that he is a liar and that he will manipulate Karten at every turn to get what he needs. As they sit down for evaluation, Simon starts unloading his story on Karen: why he kills, his cruel mother’s abuse, his crush on Julie, a young girl from school who was nice to him, and even details of his crimes and the ways he murdered with a razor. Karen gets Simon really talking when he speaks of Julie’s murder and it led to his downfall as a killer and his capture. But the memories cause Simon to attack Karen, leaving her unsure about how to proceed with the case. When she leaves to go home, Simon attacks and kills members of asylum staff. He leaves the grounds and eventually finds his way to Karen’s house were he attacks her with his trusty razor, leaving her to become yet another victim.

While this wasn’t one of my favorite films when I was younger, I can appreciate it now. I like the fact it’s more of a thriller than just a normal slash and hack film. I like that the blood in the film is not red; it’s black. The weird love story between Simon and Julie is interesting and is one of the highlights of his backstory. It’s a shame that he ended up murdering her and that her love couldn’t change him. In the end, the film leaves questions un-answered and almost makes you wonder if the producers and writer had a sequel in mind. Overall, the story is good, the acting great, and a kick ass score make this cheap horror thriller a fun time.

This version of the DVD has no extras because it was free from Wal-Mart when you bought another high end Lions Gate film. The cover is classic 90’s video art work with the “ugly’s” face coming out of an inkblot. The down side is Wal-Mart’s giant logo in a banner at the top.

If you like thrillers with an edge, and solid plots that tend to make you think about the actions of the film, then this is a great watch for you. If you want a slasher film with tons of gore, then this is not for you. I say worth a watch.