Film Review - Wannabe

Starring - Steffani Pieart, Robert Webster, Brianna Michaels | Directed by James Mannan | Liberty or Death DVD WS Unrated 19min 2008

Review By Xmortis

Viola is an Internet junkie who spends her time online looking for people into vampirism. She goes to a house at night and meets a butler and his mistress. She is here to become a vampire! She walks down a dark lit basement and lit candles are all around. An older woman dressed all in black and wearing a vial then questions Viola about why she wants to become a vampire. The older lady makes her strip down, and almost seems to be bullying her. She then ties Viola up and starts stabbing her only to reveal that the old woman is really just the butler. He then proceeds to drink Viola's blood and molest her dead body. In the end, he is just a killer looking to get laid by a freshly dead body. But something goes wrong and in a supernatural twist, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Wannabe is a short film that has a lot of heart. The direction is good and has a nice low budget feel. The story almost seems like an old Tales from The Crypt comic complete with the twist at the end. The acting is pretty solid with actress Steffani Pieart doing a bang up job at being a nervous girl who turns into a helpless victim. The lighting is also well done with the basement being just dark enough that it adds to the down beat mood of the film. Overall this is a fun short film that shows some great talent from everyone involved. I look forward to reviewing more films from Liberty or Death Productions.

The DVD also has some cool extras like two commentary tracks, behind the scenes and bloopers, a read-thru, photo gallery and trailers. The DVD cover has a nice independent feel to it and reminds me of a lot of other b-movie horror films.

This film is a great buy, and I'm glad I picked it up at Horrorhound. I say if you love independent horror flicks, this is one you might wanna check out.

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